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Manawatu Horse and Pony Breeders Show

January 4, 2010

The Manawatu Horse And Pony show was held at the historic Foxton Racecourse on December 5th. The weather treated us well with the early morning drizzle leaving before 9am and when the clouds also departed out came the sun! More than a few people were sporting a bit of sunburn. The turnout and quality in the breed classes was exceptional . It was certainly a day for the men because the Supreme Equine Turnout was won by Selwyn Norling and Illusions while the Supreme In Hand Exhibit of the Show was  won by Brandon East with Ngalaire Mai Light.  Well done to Selwyn and Brandon.

Champion Gelding of the Show:  Coghill,   Michelle Pender

Champion Dry Mare of the show:  Greenlee Adelaide,  Kirsten Rodeka

Supreme Exhibit of the Show: Ngalaire Mai Light,  Brandon East, Lynaire cottle and Ngaire Crockett.


Manawatu Breeders show results: Riding horses

January 4, 2010

class 134  Best riding horse up to 163cm

1st Rough Majik,  M Hammersley-Myers

2nd Fantasse,  C McGregor

3rd  Ascot Rose,  R Hirst

4th Danamator,  L O’Leary (more…)

Manawatu Breeders show results: Hacks

January 4, 2010

class 106 Open hack

1st  Jackson,  B White

2nd Brickfeild Centre Stage,  M Hawkins

3rd Illusions,  C Norling

4th Volante,  M Jefferies (more…)

Manawatu Breeders show results: Park Hacks

January 4, 2010

class 101  Open park hack

1st  Skibbereen Manequin,  A McCutcheon

2nd Glenbriar Debonaire,  P Taylor

3rd Toby,  A Brogden

4th Skibinoff  Bay,  A Hill (more…)

Manawatu Breeders show results: Show saddle hunters

January 4, 2010

class 91  open hunter

1st  Mr Spence,    A Fraser

2nd   A”Lalique    N Reesby

3rd  Claim to Fame,  J Lochead

4th Brickfeild Ovation,  F Mills (more…)

Manawatu Breeders show results: Novice horses

January 4, 2010

class 96  novice park hack 0 – 5 wins

1st Toby,  A Brogden

2nd Rosemount Magic Man,    C Inglis

3rd  The Gift,  H Timpson

4th Ashton Lullabye,  R Connell (more…)

Manawatu Breeders show results: First ridden

January 4, 2010

class 129   Pony 128 cm and under

1st Greenlee Adelaide,  K Vender

2nd Willowpark Sing the Blues,  B Burns

3rd Ngalaire Victoria,  C Body

4th Greenlee Posie,  L Frost (more…)

Manawatu Breeders show results: Leading rein

January 4, 2010

class 124  Pony 122cm and under

1st Mahogany Rockafella,  R Munro

2nd Aranui Watercolour,  R Bates

3rd Montana Buddy Boy,  A Fox

4th Punga Oscar,  B Ives (more…)

Manawatu Breeders show results: Ridden ponies over 138 and up to 148cm

January 4, 2010

class 119  Open pony over 138 and up to 144cm

1st  Greenlee Mannequin,  C Mitchell (more…)

Manawatu Breeders show results: Ridden ponies over 128 and up to 138cm

January 4, 2010

class 115 Open pony over 128 and up to 132cm

1st  Greenlee Rosetta,  A Oswald

class 116  Open pony over 132 and up to 138cm

1st Rivelin Christian Dior,  M Moffett

2nd Greenlee Viscount,  A Singer

3rd Laurieston Royal Elegance,  A McLachlan

4th Amberidge Silver Glint,  K Wareham (more…)