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An Amazing Story about a Horse

February 19, 2009

The Bruce Charles Clarke Encouragement Awards have been donated by his daughter Anita Roberts nee Clarke to reward competitors for facing challenges and and ultimately triumphing.

Bruce was a man who life didn’t always treat fairly, but he rose to the challenges before him and succeeded in the face of adversity. Anita donated four rosettes and vouchers for the 2009 MSC, and in 2010 will be donating a Bruce Charles Clarke Memorial Trophy for annual competition.

We are delighted to bring you this story from one of our encouragement  award winners – Chelsea Hamill, aged 17. 



MSC Orange Ring

February 19, 2009

Show Ponies     
Class 80 – Smartest on Parade   

1           Amelia Dalzell    
2           Kayla Wareham    
3           Sidney Santo    
4           Lauren Dolan    

MSC Green Ring

February 19, 2009

Lead Rein 

Class 62 – Smartest On Parade

1           Rosie Bates
2           Jamie Vandenberk
3           Emma Dickons
4           Daniel Moseley


MSC Silver Ring

February 19, 2009

Show Horse

Class 40 Smartest on Parade 

1           Sue Reynolds 
2           Cara Norling 
3           Beryl Olsen 
4           Mary-Ann Jefferies 


MSC Navy Ring

February 19, 2009

Navy Ring  Riding Horse – Novice

Class 30 – Smartest On Parade 

1           Dianna Bidwill 
2           Senara Caddy 
3           Nicole McGhee 
4           Rachel Burnard 


MSC Red Ring

February 19, 2009

Class 20 – Smartest on Parade

1            Dana Sutton
2            Boah Rasmussen
3            Vanessa Knutson
4            Liana Mikaera


MSC Yellow Ring

February 19, 2009

Junior Pleasure Ponies 

Class 1 – Smartest On Parade

1          Adelaide Hodges
2          Kellie Gosper
3          Dominic Kupa
4          Caitlin Rennie


The PoKnee Lady

January 15, 2009

showphoto-0171Carole Hopkins is a new sponsor with the Manawatu Showing Champs and has generously provided us with 6 PoKnee toys to raffle at the show to help fundraise for the Arohanui Hospice.

PoKnees are a large soft toy that an adult can sit on their knee and a child can ride – just like their very own pony. The concept was the winner of the 1 Million Dollar challenge run by Oprah and has since migrated to New Zealand.

Carole also has other generous tendencies, she volunteered to donate the toys when she overheard the Hospice mentioned in a conversation about the Showing Champs, she also takes a PoKnee with her when she goes to town, and gifts it to a deserving child, or a child that captures her imagination – much to the delight of local children!


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