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The show’s official photographer: Pauline Neilson

February 14, 2010

Pauline Neilson of was the shows official photographer. She is an outstanding photographer and being an accomplished equestrienne understands what is needed for an outstanding equine photograph. Her website is full of stunning images and we hope that you will be able to choose a beautiful photograph as a memento of your outing at the 7th Manawatu showing championships. (more…)



February 14, 2010

 Winning Trophies:

Most show’s  trophies are perpetual. This means  they are put up for annual competition and they  remain the property of the show. (more…)

Photographs taken by Bridget Hughes for Horsewyse

February 14, 2010

Hannah and Silver Sixpence

Bridget Hughes of is a long time friend of Horsewyse and instrumental in the creation of our website and blog.  Bridget has a passion for horses, owning two herself. Nic and Cracker feature in some of the anecdotes on her website which we hope you will visit. Bridget was only to happy to help the show by taking informal photos to upload onto the blog.


The Steff Coldstream Memorial Sportsmanship Trophy

February 14, 2010

The Manawatu Showing Championships, Sportsmanship Award has  been donated special  perpetual trophy.  (more…)

The Bruce Charles Clarke Memorial Teams Championship

February 14, 2010
We are proud that another friend of the show has honoured us with a magnificent trophy for spirited team competition. Our thanks go to Anita Clarke for the  beautiful salver, Greer Geraghty of Stirling Sports for the medals, Martin Eagle of Trophy Specialists for the engraving and to Quality Presentations for the amazing victory sashes in Bruce’s favourite colours. (more…)

Champions of Champions

February 14, 2010


1st Alana Singer and Greenlee Viscount

2nd Alana Clapperton and Beechcroft  Socialite

3rd  Sidney Santo and Phoenician Overture

4th Hannah Swenson and Silver Sixpence

5th Courtney Mitchell and Greenlee Mannequin  (more…)

Manawatu Showing Champs green ring 2010

February 14, 2010


LEAD REIN SHOW PONIES: ribbons sponsored by Angela Kersel of Bayleys Real Estate

92. smartest on parade lead rein show ponies : 1. A Everton  2. B Ives  3. D Jupa  4. A Fox (more…)

Manawatu Showing Champs orange ring 2010

February 14, 2010


NOVICE PONIES (open to all show ponies and show saddle hunter ponies, excluding lead rein/first ridden)

64. smartest on parade novice pony: 1. L Burgess  2. A Bates  3. A McIntyre  4. L Frost  (more…)

Manawatu Showing Champs navy ring 2010

February 14, 2010


 50. smartest on parade : R Hirst  2. M Amey  3. A Smith  4. A Larsen  (more…)

Manawatu Showing Championships silver ring 2010

February 14, 2010



30. smartest on parade : 1. K Rodeka  2. S Reynolds  3. L Ayres  4. G Geraghty (more…)