The Equine Inspiration Award

This  is a written award where the author has to write 500 words on why their horse deserves the title  ‘Equine Inspiration’   We are very fortunate that international trainer and therapist, Cath Garden is the sponsor of this event dedicated to fostering trust, communication and understanding between horse and rider. Cath sponsored the event with a beautiful trophy and voucher for an equine inspiration lesson and with the rosettes donated by Quality Presentations and a Horsewyse voucher certainly make it an award worth winning.

We are grateful to Martin and the team from Trophy Specialists for also sponsoring this beautiful trophy. The have done all the trophy work for the show since its beginning in 2004 and we would recommend them for their professional service and range of products which suit every budget.

The beautiful rosettes for the event are sponsored by Jane and Alan Dear and  the team at Quality Presentations and every year we are delighted with the sashes and ribbons for the showing champs.

Cath’s website can be visited at:

The placegetters in the event were:

1st Kellie Gosper, 2nd Charmaine and Maia Amos, 3rd Adelaide Hodges, 4th Taylar Morrison and 5th Janine Vandenberg

The following is the entry penned by Kellie Gosper aged 11.


Hi, my name is Kellie, I love my pony Glen. He has inspired me so much over the past years. He also is a cute bay pony who loves kisses and hugs. We have this trust in each other, he knows I wont hurt him if he does hurt me. I trust Glen so much because I can do anything with or on him, I can vault and he just stands there. I can also tack him up without tying him up cause he just stands there. Glen is a mind reader, he reads me when Im sad and happy. My pony and I are a good team together we love each other in every way possible. Glen has inspired me very much, if he is tired then he will try for just a little longer. He is the reason why I started riding. I have been riding him for a number of years now. Glen is one of those ponies who could never be replaced as he is a very special pony. Over the past years Glen has taught me well and built up my confidence I never had before I started riding him. I enjoy the time I spend preparing him for competitions and I keep him clean and he enjoys a good wash. I am looking forward to the day the Manawatu gorge reopens again, so I will be able to ride on  the hills on my grandparents farm where my Mum used to ride her pony and as she was able to help her Dad on the farm. Glen is a strong little pony and he would love to to go up and down the hills. I will be able to enjoy the experience of riding on a big farm the way my Mum did. Me and my pony Glen will enjoy the fresh air while talking about all the things on our minds. Glen is amazing, he loves a good ride where ever we go. Where ever my journey takes me in life, Glen will always be my little bay pony.

Other excerpts from the winning stories are:

‘building that partnership based on trust, relaxation, confidence, willingness and understanding, setting themselves up with a future that she will remember’

‘he knows it all and teaches you everything you need to know. He makes learning that little bit easier’

‘the first time I rode her I was a bit nervous but she protected me and was very calm’

‘I honestly couldnt have found a more honest, reliable and incredibly generous companion for my daughter’


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