MSC 2012 Teams Championship

This year thirteen teams took part in the hotly contested Bruce Charles Clarke memorial teams championship. Teams of three riders  accumulate points throughout the morning classes and this year the glory went to the Nek-Minit show’ers. A young team from the Hawkes Bay comprising Adrienne Van den Berk, Maia Van den Berk and Reegan Tarrant. They won the silver salver donated and presented by Anita Roberts (nee Clarke), the beautiful victory sashes in Bruce’s favourite colours and $100.00 per rider which was sponsored by Ridley Elliott of Elliotts Transport.

2nd Team Hopefull

Michelle Ingham, Katherine Timpson and Paige Cromarty

3rd Team Hilton 

Nichole McGee, Jorja Anderson and Claire Inglis 

4th the Cuzzie Bro’s

Kendra Fox, Alyssa Fox and Tamara Savage

5th Team TKR

Theresa Te Ua Allpress, Kaia Patene and Rachel Forrester

We were delighted that Anita Roberts was able to present the sashes and trophy for this class in honour of her late father.

The photo shows Reegan and Adrienne, mounted and Jeanette accepting the sash for Maia aged 4 who was asleep in the truck!


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