MSC 2012 Champion Rider of the Show

This year ten riders came forward for judging in the Bob Linton memorial rider of the show class.  A beautiful silver rosebowl was donated in Bob’s memory by Megan Hawkins (nee Linton) A yellow rosebush is given to the winner to plant in their garden as a memory of their success in the class and they also receive a medal and sash all in Bob’s favourite colour.

This years winner is Tessa Newton

2nd Julie Wylie-Parkinson

3rd Emma Dickons

4th Lauren Dolan

5th Natalie Power

6th Kayla Wareham

We are thrilled that a consistent performer  in the show ring has taken out the honours in this years class.  For more years than I can remember, Bob supported his daughter Megan in competitions at the highest level and it is fitting that he is forever remembered with this prestigious class. Bob favoured hard work and a commitment to the task and it is testimony to the most successful riders that they are the ones who put in the hard yards.

“I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it.”  ~Thomas Jefferson


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