MSC 2012 Champion of Champion’s Junior Show Pony

The riders and ponies in this section are our future show ring stars and it is no suprise that the combinations that feature in the results also go on to score highly at the Horse of the Year.

The winner of the 2012 title class was Alyssa Fox and Fortification ‘Scuse Me

2nd Alyssa  Fox

3rd Paige Cromarty

4th Maia Van den Berk

5th Maia Amos

We were delighted that every child in the class were awarded the Newton Family qualifier rosettes which were presented by Melissa Tootill on behalf of the family and also gift bags in honour of ‘Doc Holliday” . Paula Glasgow is long time supporter or the show kindly donated the gift bags to the children in the memory of a horse who was very significant to her.  Many riders have chosen to remember fallen horses with a tribute at the showing champs. So we were proud to have Paula’s sweet gesture to honour the horse. RIP Doc Holliday


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