MSC 2010

Hello  Showies, entries for the upcoming Manawatu Showing Championships are very light. It you know anyone who is new to showing or with  a new horse please let them know about the show because they may not have heard about it.  I would really appreciate your help to tell as many people about the show as possible. Today Judith Buckeridge emailed all of the riders in our region who attended the National Horse and Pony show, that we need more competitors.  Even though we have sent out 200+ programmes and are on about 10 websites in one form or another we still have very small entries.  Im sure the recession is to blame. We now many people are passionate  about supporting the show because year after year  without fail they attend. So please send out an email to your friends and together we may reach enough people to make a great day.  We applaud Judith and others like her who help us to make the show a much loved event and one with a personal touch.  To visit the National Horse and Pony  association show held recently with all results available for your perusal. This show is a major drawcard for show riders from all parts country.


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