Show FAQs

Common Questions about the show

Do I plait?

Yes.  At a ridden show where all breeds are combined it is normal to plait out of respect for the judge. 

The exceptions are;

  • A show which states “No Plaiting” in certain sections.
  • A “Breed Show” where certain breeds are shown in their natural state according to their breed standards.  For example Appaloosa, Shetland, Fresian and Welsh are all shown unplaited. 
  • In our Junior Pleasure Pony section, Shetlands and Timors abound, so due to the difficulty in plaiting these manes, a well groomed, clean, shiny mane would be in keeping with the spirit of the class.

What do I wear?

Pleasure – Adult riding club or Pony club uniform. Or Jacket, jods, shirt and tie or stock collared shirt. Everything should fit well and be immaculately clean. If the rider’s outfit can harmonise with the horse, all the better. Your choice should be appropriate to the type of show, ie: the same outfit may not work at a gymkhana as a big A&P show.

Riding Horse – As these horses fit in between pleasure and show horse, the outfit for the rider is a reflection of their personal style. If your figure suits a cutaway jacket and your horse is enhanced by a bit of ‘bling’, then get creative. At a show of this level and being a Horse of the Year Qualifier, the outfits and tack may be very smart. This should not put off a competitor who has older, well cared for tack. Remember, although first impressions count, it is the way of going, quality condition of the horse that will always shine through.

Show Classes – Most of our competitors at this level follow the guidelines for costumes and tack in the R.A.S rulebook. There are strict criteria for memorial turnouts and unities, but we prefer the “Smartest on Parade” class, which allows more freedom of expression. You can be as conservative or avant garde as you like. So if your figure and education of the horse deserved a more formed outfit, then go for it. The choice is endless, ie: full tails, mini tails, cutaways, sweepaways, double vent etc

The purpose of this blog is to share information. Your comments and questions are valuable to us, so feel free to leave us a message!


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